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1)  4504 Oboe Dr, Louisville, KY 40216 is in the Shively Area.  It is a VA (Veterans affairs) foreclosure.  The prior sale was in 2012 when is sold for $128,500 after 4 days on the market.  It was substantially updated at the time.  -    List price is $107,000 and the ARV is conservatively  $130,000 with minimal updates and up to $150,000 for a full remodel. - Listing & Comps -  -Old Listing-

2)  4316 S 1st St, Louisville, KY 40214 is located in Wilder Park near Churchill Downs.  This can

be a rental or a flip.  List price $47,500 /  ARV $120,000 to $125,000 - Listing & Comps -

4316 S 1st Street

This house is open to investor bids only after 9 days on the market which is Sunday Feb. 3rd.

3)   1804 Oakcrest Ct, Louisville, KY 40214 is located in the southend on just over a half acre.  List price is $84,000  /   ARV is $180,000 minimum and more likely $225,000.  It is not in the flood plain.    - Listing & Comps -


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