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Flips & Pics

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Here are the Before & After Listing Photo's and MLS Info on Flips from Last Quarter-


1030 E Oak St, Louisville, KY 40204   Picked up for about $83 sq.ft. this house sold after 39 days on market for $194 sq.ft.  The buyer paid $5,000 over listing to acquire it at $90,000 and resold for $191,500.

Valley Station

11110 Thunder Dr, Louisville, KY 40272   5 days on the market was all it took to get this remodeled house under contract.  The investor paid $57,751 which was just under the HUBZU asking price and cashed-out at $110,000.  


4905 De Priest Ct, Louisville, KY 40218   Purchased for $81,000 this property went under contract 7 days after the remodel was completed at an estimated sale price of $137,900.

West Buechel

241 Granvil Dr, Louisville, KY 40218    This investor paid about $3,000 over listing and won a HUBZU auction.  The buy price was $73,298 and it was resold for $131,500.


4203 Kurtz Ave, Louisville, KY 40229   This REO was purchased for $87,500 5 days after it was listed.  After the remodel it was resold for $124,000 after just 2 days on the market.  


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