• Brett Kennedy

Land Prices Take a Downturn

Real estate prices are climbing at the historically high rates in the metro area but I found one area where prices are have taken a downturn. Land!

I was minding my own business doing some market research when I plotted this chart for lot sales.

Thinking it might be fluke I decided I better

check out the surrounding counties.

I grabbed three counties and pulled the

sales and found the same downturn.

Given that interest rates seem to be staying low it looks like a great buying opportunity for a new build.

Given that interest rates are low and looking to stay that way it looks like a great buying opportunity for a new spec build.

Two Pre-listing Deals-

1) Shelby Park- 1011 S Hancock St. is a +/-1,100 sf 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom, camelback. It has a long-term tennant (since 1979!) who would like to stay. It needs extensive rehab. Pre-list Price is $65,000.

2) Algonquin Park - 935 W Whitney is a +/-750 sf 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom, bungalow, It's vacant and rent ready. Pre-list price is $63,000

Call Brett for details (502) 442-2277

MLS Investor Searches-

3 Package Properties

3 Cash Buyer

8 Investor Specials

6 REO's

2 Settle Estate

2 Problems Implied

4 TLC Needed

8 Multi-Family

1 Short Sale

8 Opportunities


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