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Market News & Best of the MLS 7-19-18

Updated: Feb 15, 2019

Best of the MLS

Be sure to check out the "As-Is" deals.

1 Sold to Settle Estate Interactive Link Printable Link

5 Vacant Deals- one is in Germantown Interactive Link Printable Link

2 Other Deals Interactive Link Printable Link

1 Bank-Owned Deals Interactive Link Printable Link

8 As-Is Deals Interactive Link Printable Link

7 New Multi-Family Interactive Link Printable Link

Nice Auction Property Near Cherokee Park - 1590 Parsons Pl

Awesome Air BNB opportunity on River - 6212 Transylvania Beach Rd

2nd Quarter Results are In

Houses are selling fast but it helps to mesh out what's going on and put some numbers on it. There's plenty of good information to unpack from the spreadsheet I put together on a handful of investor friendly zip codes in the Louisville market. The key points are that all the zip codes are in a strong sellers market. Prices are up 4.5% to 9.7% from last year's median. It's the strongest appreciation I've seen in Louisville and I can't say if prices have ever risen as fast. Perhaps more striking however is the lack of inventory. A market in balance has 3 to 6 month of property depending on the area. The 40229, 40219, & 40220 zip codes are skimming by on a 30 day supply. In the affordable middle of the market, above $100k and under $200k, properties are selling in 10 to 12 days which reminds me, do you know anyone that wants to sell a house?


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